Saturday, July 14, 2007

Modern Ancients

If only the ancient Egyptians could've had the benefits of natural organic foods purchased at local famers' markets, they would've been healthier and lived longer: Archaeologist: All royal mummies are suspect - "In late June, Hawass said the ancient mummy of Tuthmosis I's daughter, Queen Hatshepsut, had been identified and it was found she had been a fat woman in her 50s, with diabetes and rotten teeth, who died of bone cancer."


alvinwriter said...

Egyptology has changed a lot since the time of Howard Carter. Now, forensic anthropology has taken a more active role than the archaeologist who does most of the digging. The latest technological equipment and scientific techniques made it possible to make such detailed conclusions about Queen Hatshepsut.

- Alvin from The Sci-Tech Desk at

Steve said...

I smell cover up here: "In June, the mummy long thought to have been King Tuthmosis I was found to be a young man who died from an arrow wound, Hawass said. History showed Tuthmosis I died in his 60s."

1. Why does Egypt still want to fool the world into thinking the king was 60?
2. Why do they want to cover up that the king was killed in his youth with an arrow.
3. Was the arrow fired from a building or a grassy knoll?

(OK, forgive me. It sounded funny while I typed it.)

Diligent Blogger said...

You're right. The pyramid on the back of the dollar bill clearly implicates the Free Masons.