Monday, August 06, 2007

Quote of the Month

Or year for that matter:
"The most grandly absurd thing about historians’ obsession with theory is that — for the most part — we don’t even believe the stuff ourselves. In theory, historians are postmodernists, but in practice, we’re pragmatists, both in our historical writing and in our everyday politics. The rest of the academy has mostly moved on, and it’s high time we did so too. "
--Critical Distance I: On Theory
Jason Kuznicki on Jun 30th 2006

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Steve said...

How sad that field of History has ended up like Economics, which (I've read) is more obsessed with theories and models than actual markets.

Perhaps history needs a minor field that could be called living history and would cover actual people and events.

Thus, the field would find a happy medium such as the difference between theoretical phsysics and engineering.