Thursday, June 28, 2007

Transaction Accomplished!

Today I picked up the scoring box originally sent to Triplette Competition Arms in 2005. I sent an e-mail last month requesting that Triplette send the device back, repaired or not, within 10 days, and to e-mail me when this had been done and what the tracking number was. As usual there was no reply. I called and found a friendly person who was willing to ship it back, and after only one more call it was on its way. In contrast I ordered an HP 12C calculator from Amazon two days ago for a course that started yesterday. I also picked up the calculator today.

Here's what I have been getting from Amazon since 1996:
  • A well organized web site
  • E-mails sent constantly with updated shipping information
  • Orders filled correctly
  • A chance to provide feedback

Here's what I have been getting since 1984 by dealing with fencing vendors:
  • Poorly designed web sites and catalogs
  • No information when my order will arrive
  • Items left out of my order
  • Non-working equipment
  • No interest in improving the customer experience

Can one do better than shopping at Triplette? It's doubtful. I once overheard a salesperson at American Fencing tell a caller from Australia that they would have to pay several extra dollars, on top of their several thousand dollar order, for an illustrated catalog.

I keep hoping that globalization, lowered transportation costs, and the Internet will facilitate more service oriented fencing suppliers to flourish. The good news is the Amazon sells fencing gear. The bad news is that these sales are not direct from Amazon, but through fencing vendors listed on Amazon.

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Steve said...

Shouldn't there be a better level of service from the vendors associated with Amazon? I think they have certain levels of service they're suppose to meet.