Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More Adelanto News

Adelanto's problems in the last two decades. Victorville Daily Press : Arrest evokes memories of rocky past News reports hints, but doesn't come out and say that before being replaced, the Adelanto police department acted as the hired enforcers for the previous ruling group of developers and politicians. These Adelanto elites were also single handedly responsible for tying up the conversion of the former George Air Force Base in fruitless litigation that spanned many years at a cost of millions of dollars. Ultimately a whole generation of Adelanto land owners, developers, and politicians had to die out before the town could be considered safe by supermarket, banks, and fast food franchises. Until then, Adelanto residents had to purchase their groceries and cash their checks in Victorville. Such a lack of stores and services was a remarkable achievement for a town that adjoined a military base and counted among its local industries a state of the art prison. (Coincidentally a former Adelanto mayor had been in prison even before being elected, see LA Times 4/11/2007).

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