Monday, February 05, 2007

Anti-Mac Rant

Charlie Brooker finds Apple computers and their users to be pretentious and insufferable. I especially like his comparison of the PC to Dr. Who's cranky Tardis. However, think this is the best quote: Guardian Unlimited Comment is free I hate Macs: "If you truly believe you need to pick a mobile phone that 'says something' about your personality, don't bother. You don't have a personality."


Steve said...

This rant was a lot of fun to read. He makes some very telling points about the Mac and pretentious users.

I used the Mac back in the late 1980s a lot, but then switched to PCs in 1991, and based on my experience I have to agree with Charlie Booker that PC computers can do things just as well.

Eiranai said...

Yes - Mac users can be pretentious. I have an iBook, my very first Mac. They seem to be pretty equal but Macs do look cooler unless you are l33t and like to trick out your box. They also keep you from destroying your own machine more than PC's. I am guilty of fiddling with every control on my previous PC until it started crashing every day.
Fencing - and work (60 hrs a week) have taken a toll on my fun time. That and a wonderful ski season. =) I'll be back! I promise!

Steve said...

In reply a series of adds where the boring PC guy is better than the young, but disorganized Mac guy (I haven't watched these yet so I can vouch for their quality or work safeness).

Steve said...

Oops, URL too long for blogger comments. Just go to

Scroll down to previous articles and you find it for Feb 5, 2007.

Mitch Kief said...

Mac users are very, very loyal. I once offered an IBM laptop, complete with word processing software, for free, to an aspiring but poverty stricken young playwright. He turned it down flat because he really preferred the Mac laptop. Perhaps he had misheard my asking price? No, he would rather buy a Mac than use a PC for free. Something to do with how he liked to see himself. (Upshot: his girlfriend had to pull extra waitressing shifts to pay for his new artistic instrument. Ah, the Bohemian lifestyle!)