Thursday, January 11, 2007

Why Buy When You Can Rent

A-list musicians available for birthday parties:

You too can rent a rock star - Los Angeles Times: "'You have a lot of people who want to celebrate their 40th or 50th birthday party and have someone there whose music meant a great deal to them during a part of their life,' Norman said. 'They have the money, and if they are willing to spend enough of it, they can get the Rolling Stones. Their wives might also say, 'I love Green Day, and I want them for the 30th birthday party.' You can make that happen these days.'"


Steve said...

For once I am speechless. Whenever I think the bonds of retched excess have been reached someone steps across that line.

Millions of bucks for a private concert. These are people who have too much money. Obviously they are desperate to think of new ways to spend their cash.

Mitch Kief said...

Plus did you notice the musical generational gap between husband and wife? This article is a wonderful social artifact.