Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tap or Bottled?

Not surprising that San Franciscans can't tell bottled water from tap water. Penn and Teller claim that there is a difference: American municipal water is not only cheaper, but safer.

SAN FRANCISCO / Spigot water advocates take it to the bottle / Marketed brands no better than city stuff in taste test: "In another of those blind tastings designed to demonstrate what suckers water drinkers have become, ordinary tap water faced off against its high-priced bottled brethren in head-to-head combat.
The idea, according to the earnest young organizers of the first-ever Tap Water Challenge, was to see if people could tell tap water from the $1-a-bottle stuff.
The answer was, they couldn't. "

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Steve said...

This must be a hard time for all the whole earth and natural food types; however, I'm sure they'll claim the bottled stuff had more of the purple energy or vital trace elements of life prolonging substances, i.e., you can't taste it or test for it, but it's there to make it healthier than tap water.