Friday, March 31, 2006

New Life for Zombies!

Just as I suspected, we're in a new golden age of zombie movies! Zombie moviews score high with reviewers: From the SF Chronic: "When the zombies you love are trying to eat you, it just can't get any better: "-- Last four major zombie films: Combined score 278
-- Last four Tom Hanks films: 248
-- Last four James Bond films: 236
-- Last four Merchant/Ivory films: 234
-- Last four Woody Allen films: 215
The lesson here is simple: Directors need to find ways to put more zombies in their movies. Somebody might have actually attended 'Le Divorce' if the walking dead were added to the equation. Wouldn't Allen's 'Melinda and Melinda' have worked infinitely better if it was a love story and a dark horror comedy featuring lumbering ghouls who want to consume Will Ferrell's flesh?"

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