Friday, February 17, 2006


The triumph of cultural sensitivity!

NY Times 02/17/2006: University of Illinois student newspaper, the Daily Illini, publishes the controversial Danish cartoons. University chancellor decides the political cartoons are on the same level as porno: "I believe that the D.I. could have engaged its readers in legitimate debate about the issues surrounding the cartoons' publication in Denmark without publishing them. It is possible, for instance, to editorialize about pornography without publishing pornographic pictures." Editor in chief and opinions page editor are suspended.

The Seattle PI on 02/16/2006 reported that University of Washington student senate failed, by one vote, to pass a resolution to create a memorial to honor Col. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, the WWII Marine Medal of Honor winner, fighter pilot ace, and survivor of a Japanese POW camp. It seems the students wondered:
"...why the university should honor a person who killed others or honor a Marine. One student leader questioned why another rich white man should be honored on campus.
The students say their comments in last week's student senate meeting were taken out of context.."

An just exactly what was the context of this 45 minute discussion? "UW senior Ashley Miller has also been derided for her comment, according to the minutes, that the university already has monuments that commemorate rich white men. She said her comments were made as part of a general discussion about memorials on campus, not about Boyington specifically."

So there seemed to have been a question about a race-based quota of memorials, rather than the accomplishment of the individual in question. Obviously this debate did not center on Col. Boyington's contribution in defeating a formidable fascist power. The UW students would be well advised to research how freedom of the press was furthered by the Imperial Japanese occupation of Korea and China.

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Steve said...

I guess it wouldn't do any good to point out that Pappy wasn't rich would it?
How about a statue for the Russian female pilots of WWII who racked up several aces and an impressive score of shot down airplanes, bombing runs, and busted tanks? That gives them three points on the victim scale: commies, women, anti-fascist.