Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Surgery Causes Cancer!

Or at least that is what 40% of those Americans surveyed believe: CNN.com - Survey: Many believe cancer myths - Jun 27, 2005

In addition, many Americans believe that a cancer cure has been suppressed to protect health industry profits. (The same way the AMA hides those boner pills, right?)

I still run into people who believe that students need more music and art, this despite the growing number of high school students who have a hard time choosing among the fields of famous musician, hit film maker, popular anime creator, or celebrity movie actor-- all realistic career goals attainable soon after (or if) they graduate (I once had a student tell me that making it by age 25 would take far too long.) Keep in mind these are the students who don't want to become sports stars.

So can we all agree that American teens get hefty doses of music, art, and sports and could do with a good grounding in math and science, not to mention statistics?

* Often what is meant is that not enough teens study the elite arts, i.e. the boring and snobbish art forms that would've died off unnoticed and unlamented years ago, if not for massive injections of private and government funds.

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Eiranai said...

I think they should have a common sense class. That would really help!