Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Movies Are Better at Home

Americans prefer to stay at home and save money by watching a DVD of a low quality movie: Poll: Downturn in Movie Box Office Looks Serious, Will Ads Fall Too?


Steve said...

Most moview arent' worthy of $7, so why not wait untill the DVD comes out.
My daughter loves the going to the movies experience, so anything targeted at 9-11 year old girls will get Dad's money.

Eiranai said...

I think I go out to see movies more than before. It`s more fun! Plus with a movie like Star Wars or other big action movies, you just can`t compare a huge movie screen to a dinky tv.

Mitch Kief said...

With a 40 inch plasma in HDTV (which I don't have quite yet), the old Star Wars DVDs suffer. The props look more like props, and one not only notices Princess Leia's makeup, but on can actually see acne under Princess Leia's makeup.

I have to admit, Star Trek II, "The Wrath of Kahn," was more thrilling with the Oakland audience clapping and cheering as William Shatner rose to the daunting challenge of not letting Rocardo Montalbon steal the movie.