Sunday, October 03, 2010


In the basement of the Takashiyama department stores in Japan are wonderful foods and treats. One of the best is the Premier Saint-Germain bakery. It's not cheap and breakfast pastries and rolls are available for more modest sums at another nearby bakery in the food court. What Premier Saint-Germain offers are wonderful packaged cookies that come to about five dollars for a box of four. Hadn;t looked at the price, but I figured I was in too deep to back out. Seems excessive, but storing your larger size luggage in a coin locker can cost more. The kicker is that the shop clerk performs an origami wrapping exercise in front of you. Simply choose the wrapping paper, and she will set the box at an offset angle within the paper and start folding, till in about a minute there is a perfectly wrapped box. The cookies were wonderful in a way that only communion wafers should be in your mouth.

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