Thursday, April 17, 2008

Captain America Lives

Rather, Joe Simon, the co-creator of Captain America lives and will address the New York Comics Con this weekend (see the NY Times).
I used to love Jack Kirby's color drenched art work because Captain America almost seemed to jump out of the pulp pages. The modern version of Captain America/Steve Rogers was too psychologically self involved for my my pre-teen sensibilities. What I really enjoyed were the stories that had Captain American back in Word War II fighting the Nazis. Notice the cover of the first Captain America: the date is March. March, 1940, and not 1942. In fact, the comic was on sale a year before Pearl Harbor. A case of premature anti-fascism, as the FBI might have put it, but certainly indicative of how pop culture would eventually triumph.
(Image copyright held by Marvel Comics.)

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Steve said...

Today, the captain would have problems with a young boy assistant named "Bucky." Just too obvious.