Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fencing Supplier Update

In an earlier post I've explained past experiences when buying fencing gear from the major suppliers, here's the 2007 update:

  • Called Triplette Competition Arms, which is under a new management dedicated to the endeavor of diluting the brand name value of the business they bought; however, they are keeping one tradition going--I called last month asking about the scoring machine we sent in, twice, to get fixed in 2005. I'm still waiting for a call back. I never had any luck getting the floor cord they left out of an order seven years ago.
  • Sent Leon Paul USA an e-mail last week asking about sizing. Haven't heard back. I suppose I could buy the item in question, and if it doesn't fit, I could send it back, which would take a little bit longer than the 10 seconds it would take to answer my question.


Steve said...

Is this lack luster service a result of the sport of fencing coming from Europe? In Europe poor customer service is the norm.

Diligent Blogger said...

No, this is good old US of A poor customer service. The root of the problem is that supplying fencing gear is a marginal business of ten taken up by the enthusiasts, who like many people who buy bookstores, don't know what they're getting into. On top of this, hobbyists can be notoriously demanding while still being irrationally tight fisted and fickle.