Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tapping into Water Savings

Up scale Berkeley restaurant serves water from the faucet: Local tap water bubbles up in restaurants: "'Our whole goal of sustainability means using as little energy as we have to. Shipping bottles of water from Italy doesn't make sense,' says Mike Kossa-Rienzi, general manager of Chez Panisse. "

True, but the same could be said about shipping bottles of wine from Italy, or France, for that matter. Then again, the profit margin on wine is consderably more than on water.

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Steve said...

It always gives you a warm fuzzy when your ethics and profit margin can meet.

The current gripe I have with these silly arguments about using energy is that all complex systems are built on the exchange of information and energy (e.g., we buy oil [energy] using money [a form of information about worth and wealth and value]). The fact that a process involves energy gives it no inherent good or evil.

This restaurant is giving in the old socialist cliche' that world is basically a closed system, and that if I drink of bottle of cola some where some one must give up the glass form their window, the cola from their drink, and the water from their well leaving them the poorer and me the richer.