Friday, February 23, 2007

The Eastside Connection

Article about growing crime down the 405 corridor. Eastside police challenged by ID fraud, car thefts, drugs: Local News: The Seattle Times: "'They'll come from Everett, do crimes in Redmond, and drop the car off in Kent,' he said. 'Virtually everyone police arrest is a meth addict. It's an epidemic.'"

Most newspaper articles seem to describe a cause and effect where drug use leads to crime. Could it also work the other way around where crime and its outlaw lifestyle leads to drug use and abuse? From the heightened activity of the criminals, it would seem that criminals are more productive, at least for a while, when they use meth. Eventually, their addiction cause criminals to become sloppy and stupid, thus leading to their eventual capture and incarceration. One last question arises: does a program to take a criminal off drugs leads to a more hard working and efficient criminal just as it would for a non-criminal?

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