Friday, November 17, 2006

Intro of PS3 in California Leads to Riot

The other night at Safeway I overheard the cashier and bagger (actually they were talking to each other and ignoring me while I was waiting). Their animated conversation centered on the merits of the PS3 over the XBox360. I would have thought that young aimless males in their 20s would have other matters to ponder. This was my first inking that the PS3 was generating tremendous excitement among people otherwise old enough to have lives.

Honest this isn't an Onion article. Two arrested after crowd stampeded store to buy PlayStation 3: "Two people were arrested after a crowd waiting to buy Sony's PlayStation 3 rushed an electronics store, trampling people in the parking lot of a Fresno shopping center, police said."


Steve said...

Maybe one item of good news is all this is that it is rumored that some of the people lined up to buy PS3s are not nerds. They're sharpies hoping to score some of the money that folks are making selling the hard to find units on eBay. (rumors say thousand of dollars have been asked and payed).

So, while it is troubling that many grown people are excited about a new electronic game--some folks are out there helping to keep capitalism alive at the user level.

Also, isn't it interesting that in the electronics market where most items get cheaper as they mature, the game units have gotten more costly. (In fact down right expensive $500 for an Xbox!) And, the gaming community seems very happy to line up, bend over, and take this violation.

Steve said...

It's not just the US now. Ripped from the headlines of the Japanese paper the Mainichi Daily News: 180 PS3 consoles stolen from freight forwarder's office.
Details here: