Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wasting Time

Article about Kent residents being required to sign up for trash service fails to mention that trash pick up is weekly.

King County Journal : "For the past 10 years, Johnson has used his kitchen compactor to bundle up and bag his trash. Around the first or second day each month, he loads three or four garbage cans into his pickup and hauls them to the King County solid waste transfer station in Algona, just south of Auburn, and pays about $16 to dump the load.

According to the letter from the city, Johnson will be billed $14.37 monthly for a standard 32-gallon can or $20.52 for a 64-gallon can provided by Allied Waste. Collection of yard wastes would add nearly $9 monthly.

Johnson worries that setting out an extra can or bag every now and then will ring up extra collection fees.

'It's the principle of the thing,' said Johnson, a retired Alaska oil fields worker, who said he doesn't see why he should be forced to pay for a service he doesn't really need."

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