Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Even by Hollywood Standards...

LA Times' top ten list of self aggrandizing directors: Top Ten All-Time Self-Promoting Directors - Los Angeles Times: "Top Ten All-Time Self-Promoting Directors
Cavalcade of auteurs who mastered the art of themselves.
By Richard Rushfield, Times Staff Writer
July 20 2006

Cecil B. DeMille: His film 'The Ten Commandments,' a remake of his earlier film entitled 'The Ten Commandments,' opens with the by-then-legendary master of big-screen epics standing on the stage, as if before you, speaking to the assembled audience, introducing his latest installment in his Bible's Greatest Hits collection.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story indicated that Cecil B. DeMille delivered his speech while sitting in a library.

Walt Disney: Named his theme park 'Disneyland' and his TV show 'The Wonderful World of Disney.'

Alfred Hitchcock: Made comic cameo appearances in all of his films and starred as host of his TV series, 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents.' Also one of the first directors with his own catch phrase: 'Good evening.'

Brett Ratner: The most ubiquitous player in the new Young Hollywood, notably present every time a red carpet lays down in Tinseltown. Not content to leave it to the paparazzi to certify his nearly middle-aged party king status, however, Ratner published a picture book, 'Hilhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures' � 216 pages of shots of his closest personal friends, from Justin Timberlake to Chelsea Clinton, clowning around in his living room.

Quentin Tarantino: Despite highly questionable talents, has cast himself and taken on numerous acting parts, including a walk-on in the 'Golden Girls' as an Elvis impersonator. Committed the guaranteed attention-getter of spitting at a reporter in the very private set"

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Steve said...

Noting that there are "self aggrandizing directors" in Hollywood is like pointing out that LA has smog. It is self-evident.

What would be interesting is a list of ten quiet, shy directors--could even one be found?

Self promotion is a requirement in the movie business not an opiton.