Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sticking to his Story

Armed robber shoots himself in the leg with his own .357 magnum, which by itself should raise a smile, but the robber claims that he was actually the victim, except there's a flaw in his story: - Robbery misfire: Teen shoots self in leg: "When questioned at the hospital, Hector Pelayo denied robbing the two men or shooting himself, court documents say. He claimed that one of the two men, the victims of the alleged robbery, shot him from about five feet away. ..
After the interview, according to charging papers, a Bellevue police officer asked Pelayo if it hurt when he shot himself.
He replied: ``Not as bad as I thought it would.'' "

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Steve said...

this story almost makes me feel sorry for the beginner felon. Let's hope he learned a lesson.