Monday, May 08, 2006

The Feast Day of St. Michael the Archangel

Today, May 8, is the feast day of Saint Michael, the Archangel. Technically, it's the feast of the Apparation of St. Michael on Mt. Gargano. His other feast day, Michaelmas, September 29, is shared with with the angels Gabriel and Raphael, and was observed in medieval England and Wales by having hearty and fun-filled dinners with friends and family: this was the forerunner to Thanksgiving in North America.

In addition to being God's sergeant major and beating back Lucifer's slacker minions, St. Michael, by tradition, was very fond of humans, from early on, and used to look out for Adam and Eve after their fall. He taught their children to bury Eve and grieve for her, and some say that St. Michael still pulls guard duty outside Eve's tomb and awaits the day of her resurrection.

As might be imagined, St. Michael is a popular patron saint for many peoples and countries, but we like to think he has a special place in his heart for paratroopers, the soldiers with the figurative wings.

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Steve said...

Always something new to learn. I didn't know that the angel Micheal was considered a patron of the airbone. A very good and worthy example for paratroopers.

Any idea of how Michael feels about the 101st since it was converted to airmobile?