Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More Bad Web Sites from Design Schools

Note to design schools: some of us may actually want to read your web site in order to find out more about your school rather than simply gaze in awe and wonder at your genius and mastery of post-modern aesthetics:


Steve said...

At the very least, one would think they would put their address and phone number on the home page. Did the designer think all the visotrs to the web site would already know where this fine and wonderful school is located?
I also question the quality of the student body (mouse over the apply block and you fly through the school). I saw no one dressed in black and no student having a smoke on the sidewalk outside the main entrance. As anyone who has driven by The Art Institute of Seattle knows this is how real artist dress and spend their time.

Mitch Kief said...

I used to pick up a paycheck in the building next to the Art Institute and can attest to your observation!

Arty types see to overlook the info essentials. During one Seattle Fringe Festival, I couldn't find a play that acquantices were doing because they didn't put down an actual address. Somehow they assumed that everyone could find the lodge hall that their theater group met in.