Wednesday, December 14, 2005

500 Pound Con Artist Impersonates Police Officer

News from Florida about a fast food scam. My only question is if a 500 pound man can successfully pose as a police officer, then shouldn't real news should center on either how large the Florida police are or the gullibility of Floridians? - News - 500-Pound Man Accused Of Fast-Food Scam

Investigators said George Jolicoeur, 33, would visit fast-food businesses and order food.
Jolicoeur would then call or visit the restaurants posing as a police officer or a firefighter and ask for a refund because there was a hair in his food, according to the report.
'He would come back and say, 'Oh, there is something wrong with it,'' Seminole County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Olson said. 'There was a hair in my shake or there was a hair in my tacos. And, then he wants his money back.'
Jolicoeur was captured after he went to a Steak N' Shake restaurant near Oviedo and Taco Bell in Central Florida and allegedly tried to get money back for the food he ordered.
Local 6 News reported that Jolicoeur has been arrested more than 24 times on charges of burglary, drugs and domestic problems, Local 6 News reported.
'Jolicoeur's rap sheet is as thick as a book,' Local 6 reporter Chris Trenkmann said. 'When he was first checked into the jail in 1991, he weighed 360 pounds. This morning, the jail weighed him at 500 pounds.'
Police in Sanford, Fla., and other cities are investigating the possibility that Jolicoeur was scamming area restaurants, Trenkmann said.
He remains in the Seminole County Jail facing several charges.

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Eiranai said...

I love it! Sounds like a possible Jerry Springer episode. Fat People Who Pose As Policemen. =D