Thursday, October 06, 2005

Kent and Covington Road Rules Explained

Here in Kent and Covington, Washington, there is an additional lane in the middle of two way streets. This lane is marked with a yellow double lines, one solid and one dashed, and, at intervals, left and right curved markers are painted in the lane. In Kent and Covington, this is known as a passing lane, especially during rush hour when the streets are crowded. Kent and Covington drivers use this convenient passing lane as a handy way of racing their pickup trucks several blocks ahead to a protected left turn light that is green. On no account do Kent and Covington drivers actually use the passing lane when making left hand turns from the parking lots of their favorite taverns; instead, Kent and Covington drivers prefer to amble into the traffic stream, and to rely on the good will, not to mention the good eyesight and reflexes, of other drivers.

1 comment:

Steve said...

Darn! You mean I shouldn't have been using the passing lane to jump ahead for the left turn.
I've been such a rude and bad person.