Monday, October 03, 2005

Honk if You Love Narcissism

Driving around Seattle, I can look at bumpers and instantly tell how drivers voted in the last two or three elections, how they feel about U.S. foreign policy, what their sexual orientation is, and which art fashion movement they belong to. In fact, the only thing I don't know about Seattle drivers is which direction they are going to turn. Saving the world begins by learning how to use the turn signal indicator. Or does this go against Seattle's dominant culture of passive aggression?


Joey Polanski said...

Hey Mitch!

Dont matter which way there turnin, cause what there doin is DRIVIN YOU CRAZY!

Steve said...

Also Seattle drivers need to learn how to use the accelerated pedal. Every morning I get behind the guy/gal who thinks merging at 40 mile an hour is the proper technique. Get a clue, build up speed then use your brakes (if you need to lose speed to merge).