Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bothell Brawl

It has been suggested in one of the comments that nothing good comes out of Bothell. This article from the King County Journal 10/13/05 would bear this out:

High school brawl caught on DVD - Parents appalled by violent antics of students at pickup football game
by Noel S. Brady
Journal Reporter

BOTHELL -- Police are investigating a brawl involving possibly hundreds of Bothell and Inglemoor high students that was caught on home video, complete with titles and a music soundtrack, and displayed on campus.

Parents of about a dozen Inglemoor High School students were called into school Wednesday to view the video featuring their children participating in the Friday night brawl that might have been spawned by a 40-year-old football rivalry between the two schools.

``All of the parents who were called in to watch the video were just appalled by what they saw,'' said Susan Stoltzfus, spokeswoman for the Northshore School District.

The video footage depicts numerous small fights that broke out Friday evening when the youths showed up for an unsponsored football game at the North Creek playing fields at North Creek Parkway and 120th Avenue Northeast in Bothell.

The unsanctioned ``pickup'' game between nonvarsity players from Bothell and Inglemoor high schools was timed to precede the annual Spaghetti Bowl, which has pitted Northshore rivals Inglemoor and Bothell against one another since 1966.

``There were several hundred people there, and not all of them were high school students,'' Stoltzfus said. ``Some of them were in their 20s.''

Several young people involved in the fighting were girls, including one girl whose shirt apparently had been ripped off, she said.

Since the fight occurred off school property, there isn't much school officials can do except inform parents and police.

Earlier this week, Stoltzfus said, a school official spotted a group of students watching a DVD of the fight -- complete with a music soundtrack and titles -- in Inglemoor's cafeteria. The DVD was confiscated, and administrators identified about a dozen Inglemoor students in the violent footage.

The school also sent a copy of the video to the Bothell Police Department.

Bothell police Capt. Denise Langford said investigators have viewed the footage and a school resource officer assigned to Inglemoor is trying to identify students who appear in it.

However, she said it's unlikely any criminal charges will arise from it without a complaint from someone who was assaulted. So far, no one has filed a complaint.

``If anyone comes forward as a victim we would open an assault case,'' Langford said.

While no one has reported being assaulted, Stoltzfus said, some of the parents reported seeing black eyes and bruises on their teenagers over the weekend. When parents questioned their kids about the marks, she said, the teens gave varying stories.

Neither the school district nor police would release a copy of the video to the Journal.

Inglemoor Principal Vicki Sherwood referred a reporter to Stoltzfus for comment.

Bothell won Friday's Spaghetti Bowl game, 28-14.

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