Friday, September 16, 2005

Medical Marijuana n the Workplace

Hey! I experience stress related discomfort while I'm at work: Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Oregon Supreme Court considering medical marijuana status in the workplace: "SALEM, Ore. -- The Oregon Supreme Court says it will review an appellate court ruling that suggests employers make allowances for workers who use medical marijuana.
Robert Washburn, a former millwright at the Columbia Forest products plant at Klamath Falls, had a state-issued card allowing him to use marijuana to ease neck and muscle pain that disrupted his sleep. But the company, which prohibited workers from coming to the plant with controlled substances in their system, fired Washburn in 2001 after he failed several urine tests.
Washburn sued the company, claiming it should have made an allowance for his disability.
A circuit court dismissed the lawsuit, citing a provision in the state medical marijuana law that employers don't have to 'accommodate the medical use of marijuana in the workplace.'
The appeals court disagreed, saying the test results didn't establish that Washburn had used the drug at work. Moreover, the appeals court said the lower court should decide whether, under the circumstances of the case, Washburn's employer should have had to allow his medical marijuana use."

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