Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Seattle Moment

I grabbed a belly bomber burrito at the Taco del Mar on the way home from south Lake Union this evening. There was a couple ahead of me attired in REI chic- she in fleece jacket, he in Guatemalan vest, and both in Teva sandals. Man was thin with ear stud, woman had the fresh scrubbed, red cheeked no make up look with her swept back and held by a silver and ebony hair brooch.

Two adorable little girls, in fleece vests and hemp sweat pants, were running about, and the woman looked over her shoulder and said, "Papaya! Rosemary! Find a table and wait for us."

Papaya and Rosemary say "Yes, mommy," in unison. Then the woman instructs the baffled counter man on how to make a "near veggie" burrito. ("Rice, beans, avocado, and cheese.")

After they finish they crammed into a new hybrid parked in front and took off.


Eiranai said...

Ahh, enviro-yuppies...

Crazy Steve said...

One day Papaya and Rosemary will hate their mom. In the future, I see two goth rockers.