Friday, May 06, 2005

MIT Students Host Time Traveler Convention

Visitors from the future welcome! This, of course, assumes that the dweeb gene manages somehow to be carried on, no doubt by other than normal means of reproduction: Time travelers to meet in not too distant future CNET "CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--Suppose it is the future--maybe a thousand years from now. There is no static cling, diapers change themselves, and everyone who is anyone summers on Mars.
What's more, it is possible to travel back in time, to any place, any era. Where would people go? Would they zoom to a 2005 Saturday night for chips and burgers in a college courtyard, eager to schmooze with computer science majors possessing way too many brain cells?
Why not, say some students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who have organized what they call the first convention for time travelers.
Actually, they contend that theirs is the only time traveler convention the world needs, because people from the future can travel to it anytime they want. "

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