Friday, April 22, 2005

Bill's Socal Nostalgia Page

Fedco, Grant's, Marineland of the Pacific, and more: Hey, Bill! You say you're busy and you have enough time to do this?

In my youth, the high point of the week was Grant's all you can eat fish stick and chips followed by the dime ice cream at Thrifty Drug in Victorville. I think I still have a plaid wash-and-wear sport jacket that my mother bought me before we moved to Greece. My father and I had to wear slacks and sports jackets on the flight.

I was a loyal Fedco shopper, and I still have my card. In addition to tires, and a deli with knishes, Fedco had their own liquor store and line of spirits, one being "Old Fedco" bourbon. There was a Woolworth's at South Coast Plaza, and they even had fish and hamsters in the back.

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